Selling Myself Short

When I Learn a Lesson, I Value the Lesson Learned

Taking on a new venture is scary as you are learning the lay of the land for the new environment. Starting a business for the first time I had many questions and fears.  I was told to get busy doing and take massive action. I dived right in, and started on this  journey.

Utilizing the tools in your reach 

Starting a Web Design and Development business, I wanted to capture all the attention possible and gain awareness from local businesses. Excited about my new journey, I sold myself short and had no idea. Picking a price point out of thin air, failing to use the tools that were available was not a wise choice. The funny thing is that I did the work and planning, I created a work breakdown structure that included work to be done, time spent on each phase and the resources needed to complete each phase of the project. Using Microsoft Project has been beneficial to help provide clarity, but over enthusiastic I didn’t utilized the tools that were in my reach. My first pricing strategy of picking a number out of thin air was not going to produce the results I desired. I was also undervaluing my services.

  • What is value and how do you create value?
  • How do you define value?

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure, Statement of Work documents, building my personalized Website and identifying price points, I identified the lowest price without considering time, skill or experience. This was not a comfortable lesson for me to learn realizing I didn’t have all the answers.  Obviously, this was not a smart business decision but it was a Lesson Learned.

The old adage goes ‘how you see people is how you treat people’. Customer perceived value can hurt your business or it could lead your business to prosper. The only problem is this perceived value is in the eyes of the holder. Know your audience, they know you and they have friends. 

The Value of Friendship can’t be measured

Over the last month, on Saturday mornings, my friend and I have attended an ongoing breakfast date with other friends. Waking up early on a Saturday was not ideal for my comfort, but I love to show up for life today. Sharing my time with friends is one of the greatest rewards I have experienced.  The breakfast location is about an hour away, so we have many talks about things that matter-F.O.R.D (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams). Riding in a car with another person gives you the opportunity to build on your relationship and have Fierce Conversations (by Susan Scott).  Last week my friend provided clarity with an observation and story. It’s funny how the subtle statements in life are the most profound and change the trajectory of your life.

The GAME “There are 85,000 spectators watching from the stands, there are 22 players on the field and you need both of them” 

We continue, talking about my new business and how much time it takes to create a website in relation to my price point. We did some quick math 1 plus 2 equals 3 realizing I would earn under $6.00 an hour. We laughed together deciding I would be better off getting a job at the local coffee shop. We do support small businesses and this would allow for a stronger relationship in the community. So if you would like some coffee, come to see me at the local cafe’. The lesson learned, is a Valued lesson.

Reevaluating all the work, time, skill and experience that I gained over the years I was able to identify a realistic price point that takes in to consideration all the variables while providing the client with the best price for the highest quality of service. I look forward to Saturday morning breakfast, the drive and the conversations with friends.

A few questions to ponder while you go forth and create the life you desire  

  • Do you value your relationships? Do they know you value the relationship?
  • Do you know your value? Are you selling your self short?
  • What have you been putting off? When are you going to start?

We would love to hear about your own personal experience and journey