Utilizing tools to reach your clients

Reach an audience that are looking for your services. 

Starting a new business may be a challenge, but there are many tools to help you succeed. Finding your first client may be beyond you’re comprehension. Previously, companies would ‘Cold-Call’ to find potential clients, but often the people on the other end of the call did not want the service. With social media platforms, people are providing valuable information and they are telling the world exactly what they want. The challenge is to find those people that are looking for your services.

We’ll be using Google Drive to do the analysis. Google Drive will help us gather our tweets. While these are somewhat simplified versions of what gets used in industry, they basically work the same way and produce useful results. You will also need a Twitter account follow along. If you don’t already have one, go to Twitter.com and sign up. You don’t have to Tweet something for this to work, but you have to know your Twitter username and password.

Part 1: Gather Tweets using Google Docs

1) Let’s get started. Now you have your Twitter account setup.

2) Sign into GMAIL account.

3) Go to “Google Drive” by clicking on the menu button next to the search bar and choosing the “Drive” icon .

4) Click on the “NEW” button and select “Google Sheets”.

5) Go to the Add-ons menu and select “Get add-ons”

6) Type “twitter” in the search box and press Enter. You should see “Twitter Archiver” in the list. Click on the”+Free” button  to install it.

7) You’ll see a window asking you to grant the add-on several permissions. Click “Allow.”

8) Click on the Add-ons menu and select Twitter Archiver/Authorize Twitter.

9) Click the “Authorize Twitter” button. Follow the directions to sign in to Twitter and it will eventually show you a message that “Your Google account is now authorized to use Twitter.” Close that tab to return you to your spreadsheet.

10) You’ll see a dialog appear on top of your spreadsheet.

11) Search Twitter for a specific work (as an example ‘Website’ or ‘Realestate’ or ‘Need a Painter’) in the “All of these words” box and select “English” from the “Written in” box. You can select your location too (as an example ‘Philadelphia’).

12) Now click “Start Tracking.”

NOTE: The tool seems to only do exact matches, so @Nike, #Nike, and Nike will return different results. For this exercise, just choose the one that gives you the most interesting results. Try different things to see what is retrieved.

13) The Twitter Archives will retrieve the tweets with your search term. It will take a while (about 3-4 minutes) – be patient!

14) You’ll see a spreadsheet titled with the name of your search term and populated with Tweets that contain that term. For example:

15) You’ve collected your Tweets! Now you can take a look at what people are talking about to identify who ‘needs a website’. Find someone looking for a new website, contact them and communicate your services. There is a lot of valuable information take a look for yourself.

If you have some cool tools that you are using, share them to help other people by leaving a comment.