Just because it’s FREE, doesn’t mean you Need it.


Do you need it? That’s the question I ask myself when making a decision. Life offers abundance letting us decide how much we wish to consume. The world around us is trying to appeal to our desires and capture our attention by advertising ‘FREE’ and ‘Buy one-Get one’ , but Do we actually Need it.

Happy Anniversary Wawa, we Love Coffee

Yesterday was Wawa Free Coffee Day, as they celebrated another wonderful anniversary. Wawa provided their patrons with a Free cup of a choice brew, in addition to the cup consumed before leaving the house.  Not too sure about anyone else but I do look forward to my morning cup of coffee to start my day.  As a creature of habit, there is a process in the morning to prepare for the day. The coffee process is one of the most important things you do each day. I don’t speak for everyone, but for me it’s a valuable component for starting the day off right. There is a precise method to it; While you gather yourself getting ready for the day, you start your morning reading, mediating and planning for the day a head. You wait for the first cup to fill to provide just the right thing you needed to get going. Before leaving the house it’s a requirement to take time for myself. I believe it’s important to take a few minutes daily just for yourself. Life can be very busy and demanding, it’s worth giving yourself a little personal time. 

When I entered Wawa yesterday, I was unaware of the free coffee deal until I was offered a Free cup. Free usually gets the ears to perk up a little. Maybe this is why everything is titled ‘Free’. Knowing I already had my cup for the day, I still said ‘yes’ and proceeded to fall into the trap of ‘Free’.  To be honest I enjoy my coffee, so this was a bonus cup. It’s amazing how I can rationalize anything in my favor knowing that there are consequences in the future. As expected the heart races, the mind starts running and I proceed to work looking to spark up a conversation with anyone who has ears.  A cup of coffee can usually get any conversation going. 


Everyone Loves Free Carbs 


‘Free Carbs’ are the carbs you don’t count because you didn’t have to buy them. You can pick your poison on this one but just in case I will share mine. You started the summer preparation, gym attendance is up, running twice a week and you decided to cut out carbs. It’s time to start eating clean and changing your eating habits. The problems is someone is, purposely, trying to sabotage your new regimen. As we know they are all out to make this harder than it has to be. Day 1 walking into the office first thing you see is the box of warm donuts from Beiler’s in Reading Terminal. Sorry to do this to you, but someone is always trying to tempt you. With summer on your mind, the desire to achieve your goal and your strong will you pass on the donuts moving to your office. An hour later you walk by the battle ground seeing two donuts left, now there is a problem as temptation kicks in. The problem with free is that you can rationalize breaking the rules. Well, it is Friday so you can have a cheat day. Besides you earned it and no one is looking.  You can rationalize this any way you wish.  Just one I ‘ll go to the gym tonight. Free carbs will get me every time. 


Maybe you don’t love Donuts

Free Carbs over here, get your Free Carbs. The carbs you don’t count. It’s Monday afternoon, you’re attending a conference with co-workers and as you walk in ‘Pretzels’.  We have a problem they’re not just the average pretzel, they’re Center City Soft Pretzel the real deal. The pretzels you ate as a kid, when you watch them come right out of the oven it was love at first sight. Do you remember those? Just in case you forgot. You walk in the side door on Washington Ave.,  the pretzels are coming right off the belt, you can smell the freshness, you see the heat coming off them and the baker is separating them to gather your dozen for the road. Sorry to do it to you again but someone is always trying to tempt you.  Sticking to the new regimen was the goal but you can’t turn down fresh pretzels they are your childhood love you were never able to let go. The problem is it’s Monday and they’re free so just one won’t hurt. Besides you deserve a cheat day. 


Did you get the App, it will Change your Life

You are getting ready for the summer, you have been discipline and you reached a plateau in your training. You are looking for anything to take you to the next level to break through. With so much advancement in technology there is an app for everything and most are free but Do you Need them? Your best friend tells you, ‘You have to try this new app it changed my life’. Reaching for all possible resources you download the new app but never actually using it because you have 32 others you are stilling getting ready to use. 

You’re in the gym with another friend talking about your progress and he says ‘You have to try this new app it changed my life’. There it goes again, you get the app it’s free. I love technology, I have a ton of apps on my phone and many of them ‘changed my life’ by automating, organizing, tracking, planning, networking, collaborating and providing convenience. We live in a world of abundance and it’s all free or is it?

  • It’s a personal decision how much you consume of anything, but do you need it
  • Who doesn’t love donuts, consumption is rewarding? Are you reaching for more, just because it’s available.
  • When you are looking for freedom, it hides behind discipline. Discipline = Freedom

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