FREE guide to setup your first website step-by-step:

Let’s get started by setting up your Domain and Host.

STEP #1: Select the Website Platform you will be Using
Try to stay calm and not jump ahead to designing and setting up the layout. That will come soon

So what are my options for selecting a platform?

Here are a few of the most popular in 2017. You can pick the one that you find works best for your comfort and style.

I will be focusing on WordPress because our team currently creating our content on this platform.

    • In step #2 you will read the differences between the two.
  3. Joomla

If you are a beginner, I would recommend WordPress it is the easiest platform while it’s flexible to fit with a new local business, blogger or a company already in a competitive arena.

What ever your situation WordPress is a good fit.

STEP #2: Select a Domain Name and Host

What is a Domain and a Host? Domain, is the name that is used to get to your site ( or is $0 for life just start creating. There some restrictions and limitation but you are able to create a webpage, a blog and get started quickly. When you setup the Blue Host account you will get the free Domain included. has more themes and there is more flexibility while build websites.

Explanation of Vs 

What is Hosting and how do I do this? This will be the place where your website is going to live. This will be the place where web information is going to be stored.

We use Blue Host and have found them very reliable and affordable. Prices start at $2.95/month, FRE Domain, FREE Site Builders and 1-click WordPress Install. If your skills allow are strong, you can even build your own server to house your site.

STEP #3 For additional assistance with setting up you Blue Host account check out the video I created

Blue Host Video for Setting up your Domain & Hosting