What is the Child Theme and Why use it?

Just like suspenders, we wear them for support. A child them is your support for your personalized website. 

If you modify a theme directly and it is updated, there is a chance your modifications can be lost. The Child Theme helps to ensure that your changes are saved. A child theme can improve your development time. The child theme has at least one directory and two other files. The two other files are your style.css and functions.php. You use these when building a website.

If you are not familiar with php, css or html, you can check out these websites to provide a background and gain working knowledge. You do not need to have coding experience, but it can help to have an understanding.

These resources are both free for anyone to use.

  1. w3school is is a great place to start
  2. Codecademy working knowledge and clear directions

The simple answer is the child theme helps to save the work you have done.

Locate the child theme that you will be using.

WordPress has child themes in their data base for you to use when creating your personalized website.  The theme will be labeled child theme or parent theme.

You will complete the same installation steps that you have done in my previous blog post

 If you do not find the child theme you are looking for on WordPress, give it a google.

 As an example when searching for a specific child theme; If you are using a Sydney Theme, locate a Sydney Child Theme.

  1. Now you found a child theme.
    • If using a WordPress theme, select ‘install’ and then ‘activate’ it.
  2. The theme you have found using a google search.
    1. Download your child them ‘Zip File’.(make sure you KEEP this a ‘zip file’).
      • If this is not a ‘zip file’ , compress the file before you upload it for your website.
    2. Install and activate the theme by using the WordPress dashboard. Go to:
      1. Dashboard
      2. Appearance
      3. Theme
      4. add new:
        • The child theme file will be in your download folder or where you saved it.
        • I create a specific folder for the projects that I am working on to help maintain organization.