Start a Blog on WordPress (Easy Guide 2017)

Creating a website is the first component in converting traffic to new relationships and driving sales. One challenge many people have is getting visitors to return to their site. When your site isn’t getting any traffic, you’re not generating any sales. Without any traffic, you can’t test your online performance.

This is where Blogpost can help capture visitors interest to engage your audience.

You are already off to a great start building your professional website, but we still need to spice things up a little more. The objective it to keep the water boiling by consistently providing content.

Remember that term we talked about in our early blogpost? Think about SEO while you are building out your site will save you time and produce results.

It will be helpful to keep a log of when you are making changes to your site.

As an example; If you add a page, record the date, time, type of entry and keep this file up to date. You will be able to monitor your traffic and figure out what strategy is best for your website.

Too often I see companies, people and local businesses think of SEO as an after thought. Over and over they are all saying;

“I have an amazing website, but I am not seeing any real results.”

Why does this happen?

The question isn’t why; it’s What to do now to get people engaged.

Creating a blog post with WordPress

So if you have been following based on previous post?

You have selected a WordPress Theme and a Child Theme form WordPress. WordPress helps you to get started by providing a format for your website that you will customized as you buildout the website.

Time to create a blog post. 

Step #1

  1. Log in to WordPress
  2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard. This is on the left side of your screen and at the top of the list

Step #2

We will create two new pages.

  1. Click on ‘Pages’ and ‘Add New’
  2. Give the first page a title ‘Home Page’ and then hit the publish button on the left
  3. Got to ‘Page’ and ‘Add New’
  4. Now give this page a title of ‘Blog’ and then hit the publish button

Posting blogpost will be an ongoing task where you will provide visitors useful content. It will be a good idea to reference other work that you have created by linking to other resources. The key is to figure out what would be useful to your audience that can help them.

Step #3

  1. Click ‘Appearance’ on the left side bar
  2. Find ‘Customize’ and click on it
  3. Click ‘Static Front Page’
  4. Choose “A Static Page” button
  5. For the front page, go to the drop down and select the ‘Homepage’ you just created
  6. For the blog page, go to the drop down and select the ‘Blog’ you just created

Step #4

  1. Click the blue ‘Save’ and ‘Publish’ button

Now that you saved your work you can go see the results. I am so excited that you are making progress building your own website. A helpful tip I was give is to be consistent with providing content.

By nature we all have habits and people will get to know that every Friday you are posting your blog on The Best Places to Eat in Philadelphia. 

Step #5

Now you have a place for you blogpost, let’s post a blog.

  1. In the WordPress Dashboard page find post.
  2. Click on  ‘Post’ and ‘Add New’
  3. Give your blogpost a title.
    • Keep in mind people are trying to solve a problem.
  4. You will be able to type in your content on this page.
    • You can add content in [Visual, Text, Page Builder].
    • For this example we will select ‘Visual’
  5. Now let’s provide an image that will show up to get some attention.
    • On the left scroll down to find ‘Featured Image’
    • This will be blue at the button of the page.

Step #6

You have created a Home Page, Blog Page, Add a Featured Image and have set the pages accordingly. Publish your work by hitting ‘Update’

Youtube Video for Creating a Blogpost. 

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