April 14, 2017


about me

A Snapshot of my Personal Experience and Journey

I grew up in Philadelphia where I could hear the crowds roaring whenever there was a baseball or football game at the Veterans Stadium (April 10, 1971- March 21, 2014). My neighborhood was one in which the entire community knew you, your grandparents, parents and other relatives.

Supporting the Community & the People that Make it a Community

Philadelphia is where my journey transitioned towards helping others achieve success by utilizing technology. I am the founder for the Thanksgiving Community Brunch where our amazing team provides a meal to help people create wonderful memories for the holiday season. Each year our event grows in numbers as we aim to provide a solution that will make a difference. We create new relationships, provide a place for everyone to be a part of, and offer one of the best meals Philadelphia has experienced. To get involved or join us contact me at thanksgivingbrunch@gmail.com  . Check out our Facebook Page.


We believe in adding value, supporting the community and helping others to reach their goals. We strongly support the Thanksgiving Community Brunch, where our team provides a meal to help those faced with hardship. This year alone we were able to feed over 500 people, offer a place for people to come and be a part of an organization that thrives on helping others succeed.

You can find out more by visiting Thanksgiving Community Brunch. We had the honor to create video’s to share some of the amazing moments, and building out their new website. Check it out, and share it with your friends on your social media platforms.

Schooling and Shaping my Craft

My technical experience was shaped at Temple University, Fox School of Business in Philadelphia where I was able to develop personal relationships with other people who have a passion for technology and seek innovation. My focus was Management of Information Systems, and this was one of the best choices I had made. I found my passion while learning about different areas of technology. For once things just clicked for me. If I could provide any advice to those who are on their journey, find the things that that you enjoy doing and do them. Many people do not know what they enjoy, but if you try a lot of new things it will click. One day you will be In It, and you will realize this it my One Thing (Get the Book).


Nextgenray is a Web Design & Development team that aims to create personalized websites that will capture the interest of each visitor that comes to your webpage. We do the heavy lifting and allow you to focus on maintaining your competitive advantage.


“Things are worth doing when we have the opportunity to help businesses, people and organizations achieve their goals.”

While many companies today are finding the best way to improve efficiency, other companies are spending too much time trying to perfect different aspects in-house. We want to provide you with the leverage you are looking for by providing you a service that will free up your most valuable resource, TIME.


Questions, We Can Help

We build out our website to offer you the best experience. If you are trying to work on your own website, share your experience with us and tell us about your success. Our blog post will provide you with a few tips while you are learning to build your own website. We are looking forward to building a relationship with you and your team.

Creating a professional Website requires time, patiences, and some experience with the platform of choice, but many companies don’t have the time to follow through. Our team has the experience creating responsive websites that drive results. We love creating websites and helping people achieve their goals. Contact us and let’s get started.